Juls Gabs' researches on new icons and emerging folklore from the digital era. Living online is producing a fluidity of the persona that she explores in her creations. Here, the mix of cultures removes the barriers and drives society into an erotic-plastic body. It is in this hybrid where Juls’ digital-handcraft take place and the mix of techniques: painting, GIF, Web-Art, Augmented Reality, Virtual Sculpture, tech-art; merge into one another, developing a new language of freedom.


Juls’ art provides an opportunity for her audience to play with and experience the hypocritical lives of her characters. This enables us to discover new “truths” in our everyday lives and create new scenarios.



My work experiments in merging The Digital into our lives. Many social advances are installed online, however, fear stops its natural progress in The Physical life. Things like borders vanish; free information and expansion of our personas on social media, fluidity into a non-genderised/hybrid/non-humanised/bit-or-pixel versions of each of our personas exist online.


By merging The Digital and Physical, I demand the progress we all imagine and already own.


I work across two fields, The Painting and The Digital. To clarify, I am not looking to expand The Painting with digital techniques such as Virtual Reality, that is not a challenge. In fact, quite the opposite.


My Paintings are introduced into the realm of Virtual Reality to invade your life. My work is always a portrait. I portray political situations / comparisons between history and immediate future / desires of society. I portrait you: Your WhatsApp profile, your instagram preferences, your Amazon purchases, I use it all.


The classic oil+linen portrait is now substituted by algorithms in accounts. Every Netflix query, Google search and Pinterest save is your portrait. And I paint you with all of them.


I see my practice naturally moving towards increased interaction, integration, and experience. I want to give the viewer the opportunity to see an augmented reality freely, to interact with changing circumstances and environments.


I see My Painting invading streets. I see exhibitions in atypical locations where the walls of the gallery are no longer needed, but we continue to bring people together. I see the audience personally branding the works by deciding when and where they watch it. The aim is to connect society using my works and collectively create limitless dialogues. 

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