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Collado Villalba

Ayuntamiento de Collado Villalba


A mixed salad of non-traditional materials like plastic, electric wire, bright colour wires, nautic ropes, cotton threads, wool and fluor glass threads among others, hand stitched in the transparent fabric of 4m long x 3m tall.


Following the lines of the plants and coming from the wall piece hand decorated electric wires invade the floor space activating small egg plants and cucumbers sculptures walking with small motors. 


The idea was born by a cultural exchange between Japan and West Culture in PARADISE AIR an Art Residency made by Gabs in July 2018 in Tokyo.


Juls Gabs is taking one of the Folklore rituals of Japan to point at the similarities we have and activating them by small motors transforming ancestors horses and cows into an alive physical robot.









JulsGabs. Artwork3. Daring electric fore


Juls Gabs 2018

Hand-made tapestry with mixed materials



Textile Work with non-traditional Materials & Sculptural Extensions

Fantasy nurtures the basis of all social tradition and forms the backbone of folklore. Survive latent in our reflections and human interactions, and in the eyes of an external culture, this tradition becomes superstition.


Far from perishing over the years, certain beliefs have emerged in a new wave of contemporary symbols and deities. These new elements of worship are generated thanks to cultural interference caused by globalisation. Thus present and past symbols are used and reinterpreted thanks to trends that fluctuate around the world. In this exhibition, the mixture of classical techniques is combined with non-traditional materials that give new options to the interaction with the work. The use of motorised cucumbers and eggplants represent comparisons between Japanese and Spanish myths and point out equalities instead of differences.


This style of contemporary folklore makes the fantasy wakes up again in a different geographical point, and invades with dream stories to a lethargic society in their own stories.






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