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 Lie on me 

 Lie on me 

Radical Residency® IV

Ana Barriga, Charles Laib Bitton, Luke Chiswell, Alexia Laferté Coutu, Juls Gabs, Luca Grimaldi, Sooim Jeong, Anna Lytridou, Daniel Solomons, Karen Thomas

Working studio dates: 1 – 27 October 2019
Exhibition dates: 31 October – 16 November 2019
Private View: Wednesday, 30 October, 6-9pm

Photography facilitated by Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop 

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop is again hosting artists for the fourth instalment of the Radical Residency®, the exciting and dynamic initiative that welcomes 10 artists from all over the world to work side by side in a large communal studio for one month and to exhibit the results of this intense experience. The public is encouraged to visit the working studios during opening hours and see the artists at work. The Radical Residency® culminates in a group exhibition featuring works created on the premises. During this exciting time visitors will be able to witness 12 artists working on site, including founder Stacie McCormick and current Solo Resident Shinuk Suh.

The 10 places have been awarded to a multi-disciplined group of artists from 9 different countries: Ana Barriga (Spain), Charles Laib Bitton (Belgium/Germany), Luke Chiswell (Australia), Alexia Laferté Coutu (Canada), Juls Gabs (Spain/UK), Luca Grimaldi (Italy/Germany), Sooim Jeong (South Korea/UK), Anna Lytridou (Cyprus/UK), Daniel Solomons (Spain/UK) and Karen Thomas (UK/France).

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