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Gabriela Giroletti _Still Waters_ 2022, Oil on canvas, 137x21 cm.jpg
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Gabriela Giroletti Still Waters 2022, Oil on canvas, 137x21 cm

Andras Nagy-Sandor _Armour of light_ 2022 Oil and oil stick on wood and acrylic on the wal



Andras Nagy-Sandor / Stevie Lou Field / Juls Gabs /

Kamila Szymkiewicz / Chris Rabbit / Gabriela Giroletti​​


Preview: Thursday  15 September (5-9pm)
Exhibition: 16 - 25 September 2022


3 Angel Square, EC1V 1NY London

As we reach
to stretch
out our edges
the flat plain before us
to show us anew.
In the corners
is where we find
the spaces
rooms, in fact-
where we can unfurl
in the patches
of sun.
                                                                                                                Stevie Lou Field


In this group exhibition, London based artist and curator presents an Instagram Effect Exhibition combining paintings, textiles and poetry, that challenge the frame restriction and rebel against it. All works are about redefining the format and expanding the established painting. There are representations of nature, body, figuration and abstraction coming together as one collaborative Virtual Landscape with a central tree that intercommunicates the pieces through its roots, seeding and feeding the produced nature. 

This exhibition brings together the recent works of six artists that play with the theme of extension.  Extension is demonstrated through the act of extending and the state of that which has been extended. It is an expansion that can increase space, time, influence and function. Extension also allows for transformation and elevation through an exploration between tensions. Juls Gabs and Kamila Szymkiewicz’ installation provides a virtual component that augments the reality of the given space, where hidden layers of the artworks interact playfully with each other. Gabriela Giroletti’s work Still Waters has an elongated configuration thats contrasts her usual compositions which appear to lengthen her strokes and markings. Chris Rabbit’s work stretches the properties of the canvas and plays with its sculptural potentialities. Andras Nagy- Sandor’s work is adaptable to each new space allowing for expansion and experimentation with scale through site specific placement and the unfurling of limbs. Stevie Lou Field’s collaboration as curator can be seen as an extension of her practice which is typically more performance focused. Her poetry that stretches across the windows encourages an expanded view for the reader as the words engage with both the external and internal landscape.




V.O curations 
3 Angel Square
EC1V 1NY London
United Kingdom


Tues – Fri: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 5pm
Sun & Mon: Closed, or by appointment


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