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Water Melon Salad. Sound performance at SLADE, School of Arts, University College London, 2017


Artist Statement


Juls Gabs' research on contemporary art icons and folkloric elements is generated from current societies. Globalisation is forcing an implicit appropriation of cultures. In the research of the current symbols, the idea of the barrier disappears and induces society into a singular erotic-plastic body. Rights and debts versus individual opinions choke in the mouths of the masses. In parallel to this, space tries to remain aseptic and distant, architecturally clean. This contradiction between the content and the container becomes the friction that liberates a colourful collision where a mixture of handcrafts take place.

The “InAppropriate” as a subject matter is a focus of her work (although it would not be appropriate to take this too seriously). Its characters decide to possess an illegal totem that feeds their illusions of self-control, not always an object itself, but a fetish or ideology in their minds. This occurs as a result of rebellion against a stringent system. The relationship with the totem is a sexual necessity for an individual person to feel unique and is required for the survival of the mind.

A mix of techniques: sculpture, tapestry, painting, collage, assemblage, sound and technology merge into one another, developing a new language of freedom. The interactive installation creates a new order of relationships and meanings. There are clues and mysteries hidden in JulsGabs works, allowing the audience to even find sometimes secret pockets for inappropriate objects.



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