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As Aston Martin F1 contacted an artist and two content creators on preparation for the race at home, Silverstone Grand Prix, to capture what it means to be united by a passion for Formula One



All in. All welcome. All Celebrated

"The 'All in. All welcome. All celebrated.' philosophy of Aston Martin F1 is what really appeals to me because it brings people together – it's exactly what I try to do with my art.

When the team approached me to create a painting, I was like, 'Now this is a project I want to work on and a team I want to work with.

Look at all the photos you see from the team on social media: they are almost always of its people working together. You can see that Aston Martin F1 really focuses on its people – it really cares about them. That's one of the reasons why I accepted this project"


"When your artwork is unveiled, it's exciting because you get to see how people react to it and, because my paintings are interactive, how they engage with it.


One of my favourite things to do is to go to a gallery or a museum to see people's reactions to artwork – it's fascinating. I've learnt that I'm just as interested in the people as I am the painting!"


The Commission

AM 2.jpg
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