The Lady in the Swing
  • The Lady in the Swing

    The Lady in the Swing, 2021
    Juls Gabs
    Digital&Physical Painting on Synthetic Canvas
    Unique Piece

    The Lady in the Swing is a claim of the canvas for every woman, witch, mistress and artist. The painting is a version of the famous The Swing by Jean-Honoré Fragonard, where a young lady is playing with two gentlemen in a secret spot, like a naughty action capture by the painter. Today the observance of the gentlemen is erased to free the woman playing in the forest and prove the beauty and vibrance of this feminine figure owning her actions, decisions, sexuality and body.


    For the creation of this painting, the artist started in Adobe Photoshop, printed it on paper to paint on it. Scan it again, to add new digital layers and manipulate this physical image with the computer. This combination of actions was repeated twice more until the final print on canvas, where she once again painted the surface with the last details and finalised the creation. This work belongs to the two realms: the Digital and Physical dialoguing between each other in a very new form of creation.



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