Artemisia I
  • Artemisia I

    Artemisia I, 2021

    Digital painting with QR Code to virtual reality painting on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper

    130 x 78 cm

    Edition 1 of 1 + 1 AP


    VR painting:

    This painting talks about the use of Symbols in Ancient Greek Myths and how that has affected the city and the society we built and live in.

    Inspired by the story of Artemisia I and her relations with the Caryatids. Artemisia was a Greek-born woman who became Queen of Caryae and fight for the Persians against the Greeks. That was a sour feeling for the Greeks that not only took this as treason but could not believe that a woman could become a threat to them

    Years after her death the Greeks conquered Caryae and capture their women as slaves and for carrying their children - Caryae women were known for being strong and very fertile - as an ultimate symbol the Greeks created women columns of the Temple Erechtheion representing these women carrying the weight of the Temple

    This painting is trying to ask "how much different would be our city if the symbols of our heritage were others?"