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Countries in Europe help each other and the dept equals the one after the WW2 //

Governments in Europe cooperate and talk to find a common solution, share resources and exchange information //

Creation of the European Common Health Organisation …


I am buying this train tickets that makes 

London-Napoli in 12h!!! 

And we are going to Italy 

for a month… 👙👙 


No one ever thought that Europe would change so fast but OMG how much we’ve learned! 


Electric trains are the new transport, there are working hubs everywhere in Europe so people work remotely in holiday locations 🤙🏻🤙🏾🤙🤙🏿🤙🏽🤙🏼 , Of course, this didn’t just happen. The cooperation started in the cover-19 crisis when the efficiency of some Nord countries was an example and since then we are following many routines they have. There are still countries of course and languages, but everything feels… kind of more Global 🇪🇺 

 🚝 Working trains are the new office and there is UNIVERSAL PUBLIC HEALTH ⚕️for everybody! Basically, if you’re feeling unwell, no matter where you are from, you received treatment everywhere in Europe and medical information is shared between countries.


I have been in Sweden, Austria and Greece in the last 6 months and all this without a day off. 


But if you are willing to pay for a flight, ASIA IS THE PLACE 🍚🥢 !! and for a good reason: After the recession, EAST-ASIA recovered first. And that made us realise HOW COOL IS EASTERN CULTURE!! Excluding China (China has a very bad reputation)… minimal Japan, Korean clothing brands mixed with this neo-90’ish style in China, and a lot of Yoga… they are just selling it to us all!

They also have this thing of CONFUCIAN MENTALITY 🧠  where people work for the commonwealth and not the individual, that’s how they recovered from the recession so fast and ALL THE MEDIA IS TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW.


The second place on boost is AFRICA🤸🏿‍♀️🙋🏿!! and it’s getting touristy. Everybody thought African citizens will be massively affected by the virus, but surprisingly, the death rate was so low that made this continent one of the safest. My only concern is… would it be a problem for a romantic trip as gay women 👭🌈?  I feel I should do more research on this…


The US is a country that welcomes immigrants!! After the 3.3 million people deaths,  THEY NEED NEW WORKERS, AGAIN!! Everybody around the globe is immigrating here. So only for this decade, you are very (VERY!!) welcome in the US  *if you pay all border’s fees and expend a minimum of 1500$/week in the country!!

I don’t know… I honestly always wanted to go to the Toscane in Italy… I’m sure we can meet both our families there, to celebrate that the world hasn’t changed too much, and we are today closer than ever…


And you?   ... Where would you go?


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